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Letter M Playdough Mats

Letter M Playdough Mats
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About This Product

These letter M playdough mats allow students to build those fine motor muscles while learning about things that begin with the letter M. Each mat features an easy to recognize picture of a word that starts with M for students to use playdough to create.

These mats are suitable to preschoolers and kindergartners who are learning about the initial sound of the letter M and those who need extra practice building up their fine motor skills.

There are 3 different playdough mats in this set:

  • * M is for mitten.

  • * M is for mushroom.

  • * M is for mad.

  • Students can build their creations on the table top or directly on the playdough mat if laminated or placed in page protectors.

  • When to Use

  • * Fine Motor Center

  • * Playdough Center

  • * Alphabet Center

  • * Literacy Center

  • * Independent Activity

  • * Small Group Activity

  • * Morning Tub or Basket Activity

  • * Table Top Activity

    Skills Assessed

  • * Fine Motor Skills

  • * Color Matching

  • * Beginning Sounds

  • * Letter Recognition

    The playdough mats themselves are no prep. The teacher will simply print them out, and laminate them if desired and place them in the appropriate center or activity area. All that needs to be added to this activity is different colored playdough or clay.

  • These mats not only provide a fun and engaging activity for students to practice fine motor skills, they also provide a way for students to associate the initial sound of the letter M to recognizable pictures. Teachers will love the easy set up for this center activity.

By laminating these pages, teachers will have a reusable playdough center for students to use over and over. The playdough should not stick to the laminated pages. If laminating is not an option, I would recommend placing the playdough mats inside of page protectors or in plastic sleeves. The playdough will not stick to their surfaces as well.

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