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Letter P Articulation Drill: Feed Hank the Boston Terrier - BOOM Cards

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Feed Hank the Boston Terrier Articulation Drill Students will love practicing the /p/ phoneme by feeding treats to the adorable Boston terrier puppy named Hank. This engaging BOOM deck allows students to work on articulating the /p/ sound correctly while dragging the various dog bones, toys, and treats to the eager Hank. Speech therapists, special education teachers, and classroom teachers can utilize this resource in small groups or one-on-one to help students improve pronunciation of the /p/ phoneme. With motivating animations and colorful graphics, this BOOM deck transforms a typically tedious articulation drill into a fun activity that feels like playing a game. As students feed Hank the treats and hear themselves say /p/ words aloud, they will gain awareness, strengthen oral motor skills, and progressively improve their correct /p/ sound production.

What's Included

1 PDF file with a link to Boom Card.

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