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Letter Q Spelling Puzzles

An educational teaching resource from The Connett Connection entitled Letter Q Spelling Puzzles downloadable at Teach Simple.
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Letter Q Spelling Puzzles Students will have a blast practicing how to spell words beginning with the letter Q using these hands-on spelling picture puzzles. The set includes two puzzles featuring high frequency Q words - quill and quilt. Each letter of the word is divided onto separate pieces of the puzzle. When put together correctly, the pieces reveal a colorful image representing the word - helping reinforce the correct spelling. These letter Q spelling puzzles are ideal for Preschool and Kindergarten students learning phonics. Teachers can use them in small groups or literacy centers to help students practice spelling simple words beginning with Q. The durable puzzles pieces can also be used as tabletop activities, placed in busy bins, or as part of a task box. Skills focused on include spelling, puzzle assembly, and beginning Q sounds.

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