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Letter W Patterns

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About This Product

Students will practice completing and continuing patterns with this letter W themed patterning worksheet and center set. All the pictures in this patterning set start with the most common sound of the letter W. This worksheet and center packet uses the following pattern types: AB, AAB, ABB, AABB, and ABC. These complete the pattern activities are suitable for preschool and kindergarten students who are learning to recognize, continue and complete simple patterns.

What is Included:

  • Complete the pattern worksheet

  • Continue the pattern strips

  • Cards for continuing the pattern strips

How to Use

  • Independent Practice

  • Small Group Activity

  • Math Center

  • Homework

  • Emergency Sub Pans

  • File Folder Activity

  • Baking Tray Activity

  • Morning Activity

The patterning worksheet is a no prep, print and go, activity for teachers to give to students to complete. The worksheet allows students to cut out the objects and complete the pattern by pasting the correct picture to the end of the pattern sequence. Students may color the worksheet if they desire to do so. The center activity is a low prep activity. Teachers print out the pattern strips and pieces, and laminate them if desired for durability. They can be placed in a file folder, attached to magnets for a baking tray activity or placed in baskets or tubs for morning activities or math center activities. The patterning center is an easy center to prep and it is also easy for students to clean up.

Skills Assessed:

  • Completing Patterns

  • Following Directions

By connecting the patterning pages to the letter sound the students is learning allows students to have further exposure to the phonic skills they are working on while doing a math concept at the same time. Students will see many pictures of words that begin with the letter W while completing the patterning worksheet and center activity.

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