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Letter Z Emergent Reader

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About This Product

This letter Z emergent reader is a great book for practicing beginning sounds. This book is a low prep activity for students to make and take home to practice the initial sound of the letter Z. These beginning readers are perfect for any preschool or kindergarten classroom where students are learning about the letter Z and its most common initial sound.

This emergent reader includes a cover page and seven different "Z is for..." pages that all focus on the most common sound of the letter Z in the initial position of the word.

What is Included:

  • Letter Z emergent reader cover page.

  • Z is for zebra.

  • Z is for zero.

  • Z is for zoo.

  • Z is for zucchini.

  • Z is for zeppelin.

  • Z is for zip.

  • Z is for zinnia.

Students can be guided to color each picture first and then cut the pages apart. There are two emergent reader pages for each printed page. The pages will then be stapled together in a book for students to read over and over to practice the letter Z sound. All pictures in this book focus on the initial /z/ sound. The pages can be stapled together in any order as long as the cover page is on top.

When to Use:

  • Literacy Center

  • Reading Center

  • Small Group Activity

  • Independent Activity

  • Emergency Sub Plans

  • Use as mini books in a class library

These alphabet emergent readers make great student made books for them to take home and read with their families or for placing in a class library for students to read again and again during center time. Teachers can laminate the book pages for durability if using within a reading center.

Skills Assessed:

  • Letter Recognition

  • Initial Sound of the Letter Z

  • Reading simple sight words

  • Reading simple repetitive sentences

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