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About This Product

This letter Z beginning sound game is an interactive way for students to work on words that begin with the letter Z. This alphabet game provides students with a fun and engaging way to practice on the initial sound of the letter Z. This game focuses on the most common sound of the initial /z/ sound.

What is Included:

  • One gameboard in color

  • One gameboard in black and white

What do you need to play:

  • One of the gameboards

  • A die

  • Something to mark the inner spaces with

  • A player piece to move around the edge of the board

This game can be a single player game or a two player game. To play, each student will need one gameboard, one die, 20 objects to mark the inner part of the game board, and a game piece for each student playing. First, a student will roll the die and move his game piece around the outside of the gameboard. The student will then cover the corresponding picture in the middle of the gameboard. The winner or end of game can be determined by one of the following rules below, depending on if the student is playing alone or with a partner.

This can be a single player game using the following rules:

  • The player tries to get 4 pictures covered in a row to win

  • The player tries to cover all the spaces in a set time limit

This can be a two player game by using the following rules:

  • Who can cover the most spaces in a specific time limit

  • Who can cover half (10 spaces) of the board first

When to Use:

  • Literacy Center

  • Small Group Activity

  • Morning Tubs or Baskets

  • Individual Activity

  • Early Finisher Game

  • File Folder Game

  • Partner Activity

Skills Assessed:

  • Beginning Sound of the Letter Z

  • Counting

  • Following Directions

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