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Letters & Numbers Songs

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Preschool, Kindergarten, Grade 1



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About This Product

Letters & Numbers Songs: An Exceptional Teaching Resource

Letters & Numbers Songs is a teaching resource designed to engage young learners aged 2 to 7 and simplify their learning journey. Dull foundational learning will be a thing of the past with this musical collection.

A Dynamic Learning Experience Through Music:

This album helps educators depart from traditional memorization practices for a more interactive approach. The content bridges language arts and readings, focusing on:

  • Alphabet Phonetics,
  • Number recognition from 1 to 20,
  • ,
  • Basic arithmetic lessons.
  • ,

Versatility Across Educational Settings:

The product comes as a zip file with thirteen songs suitable for classrooms or homeschooling. Ideal for group or individual interaction during letter and number learning.

An Alternative Assignment Method:

This resource can also serve as an alternative homework method. Students can simply listen at home, enhancing retention through melody—especially effective for visual-auditory learners.

Digital Classroom Compatible
(ready-to-play anytime, anywhere).

The audio-type file does not require specific playback software making it compatible with virtually all digital classroom setups. Promoting Linguistic Awareness Early On:

  • Eases preschoolers into linguistic awareness - exploring letter names
  • ,
  • Sustained interest in kindergarten and Grade 1 pupils due to variation in lesson delivery amidst repetitive exercises
  • . In Conclusion,
    Letters & Numbers Songs effectively push young learners beyond pivotal academic milestones by tapping onto their interest in catchy tunes.

    What's Included

    1 zip file with 13 songs

    Resource Tags

    teaching resource phonetics number recognition language acquisition early learning

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