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Letters: Read & Write Your Own Version (EFL Work Pack) 8+

Letters: Read & Write Your Own Version (EFL Work Pack) 8+
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About This Product

Introducing: EFL Work Pack - Letters: Read & Write Your Own Version (EFL Work Pack) 8+

An educational resource specially crafted for English as a Second Language (ESL) students. Aimed at intermediate level learners, it is adaptable across grades 5th through to 12th.

Main Features

  • Zoggy, the comic character, brings in a dash of fun and engagement.
  • A unique focus towards correct usage of prepositions post-verbs to meet challenges faced by non-native English speakers.
  • A guide towards drafting formal letters in standard English format.

Beyond Vocabulary & Grammar Rules

The pack goes beyond conventional vocabulary and grammar lessons. It introduces ESL students to idioms and colloquial phrases that are commonly used in day-to-day conversations with native English speakers. An expansive vocabulary tool replaces mundane terms with more appealing alternatives thus enhancing overall language expression.

Focused Learning Approach - Interactive Exercises

Motivating rather than demotivating, these EFL work packs include interactive practice exercises making learning enjoyable!

Educational Toolkit Adaptability
This toolkit can be utilized across diverse instructional settings:
  • Whole group instructions
  • Small group activities

  • It can even serve as standalone homework assignments!

    In conclusion, Step into effective language learning today with our Letters: Read & Write Your Own Version (EFL Work Pack) 8+. Let your ESL learners command not just the rules but also the nuances of polished English expressiveness comparable to native speakers!

    What's Included

    11 pages

    Resource Tags

    ESL learning written English vocabulary development formal letters prepositions

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