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Use Better Vocabulary In Your Writing: Go (EFL Work Pack) 8+

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About This Product

Use Better Vocabulary In Your Writing: Go (EFL Work Pack) 8+

An essential tool for educators, particularly those teaching English as a Second Language. This comprehensive kit is applicable across a variety of settings - whole groups, subsets or individual homework assignments and serves students from grades 4 to 12 making it an excellent choice for both public schools and homeschoolers.

Focusing on Vocabulary Enhancement

  • The pack drives home the idea of replacing common word choices with more interesting vocabulary options.
  • Its aim is to improve learners' written communication skills along with making English learning an enjoyable experience.

Meet 'Zoggy', your guide through the lessons:

  1. A comic character named 'Zoggy' is designed to make the language-learning process interactive and entertaining, removing some of the typical strain that comes with mastering a new language.

Incorporating Real-World Knowledge *

This EFL pack offers unique features like:

  • Incorporation of idiomatic expressions and commonly used colloquial phrases by native English speakers.
  • A clear navigation guide on post-verb prepositions usage which can be confusing for non-native speakers whose first languages follow different grammar rules.
Formal Letter Writing Sections

This component offers practical skill development in formal letter writing which can be helpful especially for older learners who may soon enter professional environments that require such proficiency.

Grammar Section Included**
  • A robust section dedicated to grammar helps solidify basic structural understanding - a must when mastering any language, but especially so in nuanced ones like English.
  • Learners will leave each lesson with a better understanding of sentence construction and grammatical correctness.
Interactive Exercises

For the purpose of enhancing recall, there are exercises linked to every block that enable active application of learned concepts ensuring they become part of the learner's working memory. This is critical for their confident use in future writings or dialogues. The Use Better Vocabulary In Your Writing: Go (EFL Work Pack) 8+ can easily be integrated into any teaching regimen by educators.

What's Included

5 pages

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