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Light - Shadows and Lunar and Solar Eclipses Wildcard and Snap Card Games for Middle School

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Grade 5, 6, 7, 8, 9



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About This Product

Light - Shadows and Lunar and Solar Eclipses Wildcard and Snap Card Games for Middle School

An exceptional resource for promoting science learning in an engaging, interactive manner. Versatile in application, educators can utilise this tool for whole group instruction, small group collaboration or as a homework assignment reinforcing concepts learned during class time.

About the Card Games

These card games serve as a repository of knowledge relating to shadows and lunar and solar eclipses. Key lessons covered include:
  • Understanding the relationship between the position of light sources in relation to their shadow's size;
  • Identifying how a lunar eclipse occurs when Earth obstructs solar light from reaching the moon;
  • Able to decode partial eclipses based on whether part or all of the moon passes through Earth’s umbra;
  • Able to interpret a solar eclipse resulting from Moon blocking Sun’s light directed towards Earth;

Suitable for students ranging from Grade 5 to 9 with science or physics as their core study area. This resource offers two exciting game modes – wildcard and snap. It makes them practice crucial scientific terms so seamlessly they barely realize they are learning!

The package includes:
  • An animated PowerPoint loaded with step-by-step instructions on how to play wildcard & snap games effectively without any additional teacher guidance required.
  • A set of 66 playing cards tackling intricate details related to Moon's movement around Earth influencing occurrence patterns of different types of lunar & solar eclipses.
As conditions for using this tool, color copies are needed due its design featuring distinctive color themes intended meant enrich users' visual-learning experience. For easy access, the resources come bundled in a zip file containing multiple file types.

This resource is a testament to how active learning can be incorporated into daily education – encouraging recall, retention and enjoyment!

What's Included

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