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Lines, Rays, and Angles Math Interactive Notebook (VA SOL 3.11) Digital and Print

Lines, Rays, and Angles Math Interactive Notebook (VA SOL 3.11) Digital and Print
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Grade 2, 3, 4





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About This Product

This includes notes on the Virginia SOL 3.11 points, lines, rays, angles, and line segments. It does not include parallel, perpendicular, intersecting, etc. as those are not included in the SOL. This is a very basic introduction to what is a line, a ray, an angle, and so on. You can print them full sized or two to a sheet and have students glue them into their notebooks. There is also a notebook-sized page option to print and use with your students, as well as a link to a digital version and digital instructor pages that match the student notes pages but are optimized for display on an interactive board or projector. To open the digital notes or digital instructor slides, click the links provided in the pdf. You will be prompted to make a copy of a google slide, which will give you your own digital version to assign or use as part of your instructional materials. The google slide can be downloaded and opened with powerpoint or keynote.

Included in this set of notes pages:


Naming Lines and Line Segments

Naming Rays and Angles

Lines, Rays, Angles practice page

A Ruler is a Line Segment (helpful way to get students to understand the concept and use of lines and line segments)

Each independent practice page has an answer key as well.

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What's Included

pdf of notes page

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