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Literary Devices: Literary Point of View Spider - FLASH-MAC

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Grade 5, 6, 7, 8



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About This Product

Literary Devices: Literary Point of View Spider - FLASH-MAC Software

An engaging digital learning tool that invites students from grades 5 to 8 into the captivating world of literature. This valued resource is heavily centered on language arts, serving as a primary tool for developing comprehension skills in point of view analysis.

Creative Learning Tools and Activities

Leveraging charm and wit, this teaching tool creatively uses a Thanksgiving poem - told intriguingly from a turkey's perspective - to drill deep into rich literary concepts. Students are led through exciting activities including:

  • Identifying the character's mindset.
  • Detecting traces of the author’s opinions embedded in the narrative.

The software’s drag-and-drop interface allows learners to connect specific elements taken from the coverage text onto matching sections found on each leg of our delightful arachnid character– affectionately known as our point-of-view spider.

Promoting Classroom Interaction and Independent Learning

Above fostering inventive thinking abilities, this program also serves as an invaluable asset applicable across various classroom setups:

  1. It can be used during whole group discussions where each element can be analyzed collectively;
  2. Educators may use it as engaging content for small group workshops aimed at bolstering teamwork towards achieving shared objectives;
  3. This resource could also serve as valuable homework material ensuring constant learning progression beyond conventional teaching settings.

Straightforward Installation Process

This Flash-Mac product comes with only one file, making installation easy while promoting immediate engagement with its unique approach towards instructing about literary devices. With minimal system requirements, this software is easily accessible to various Mac users.

A Tool for Embracing Literary Concepts

With the innovative format of Literary Devices: Literary Point of View Spider – FLASH+MAC , understanding literary concepts becomes less daunting but more informative. It serves as a means to bridge language arts and literature in young minds, using immersive learning strategies that unveil cognitive potentials while creating lasting understanding.

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