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Literary Devices: Point of View - FLASH-PC

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Grade 5, 6, 7, 8

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Literary Devices: Point of View - FLASH-PC

This resource is quintessential for educators aspiring to instill a thorough understanding in their students from grades 5 through 8 about the ‘Point of View’ literary device. A consummate tool aimed at fostering interest and proficiency in Language Arts and Literature, its content aligns flawlessly with curriculum requirements.

Structured uniquely as mini-chapters, this resource caters not just theoretical concepts. It starts off with captivating Reading Passages offering real-world examples of the use and impact of different literary perspectives. Students are instructed not just to read, but also to critically analyze these passages using meticulously curated 'Before You Read' and 'After You Read' questions guiding them on their journey. These inquiries foster critical thinking while stimulating comprehension at a deeper echelon.

Aids Included:
  • Intriguing printables that reinstill learned concepts — ideal for class review or supplementary materials for home-studying exercises.
  • Vocabulary flashcards ensuring better understanding around commonly used terms when discussing point-of-view in literature.
  • Vivid graphic organisers assisting students when needed help structuring or visualizing intricate ideas — preparing them efficaciously for future analytical tasks such as essay writing or debating activities.

The interactive aspects incorporated within Literary Devices: Point Of View - FLASH-PC, keep learning intriguing while assuring maximum user engagement whether used separately by a student pining self-study or applied collectively over classroom debates when employed by proactive teachers seeking collective learning mediums.

Focusing more like an assisting hand whenever needed; this tool supports public school teachers handling larger groups along with solitary homeschoolers– it functions compatibly with any PC software platforms tools enabling ease in usage. Given its comprehensive set of features, it stands as a one-stop solution for teaching the intriguing and challenging subject of ‘point of view’ in literature.

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