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Livret Essai et explication de texte KKD

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Grade 9, 10, 11, 12



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Livret Essai et explication de texte KKD

This instructional resource serves as an integral part of the encompassing Kiffe Kiffe Demain unit. The focus of this product is to enhance students' abilities in substantiating their ideas with evidence from text, both in oral and written formats. It's targeted at helping Grade 9 to Grade 12 students further develop their skills in world languages primarily focusing on French language studies.

The material is thoughtfully structured into progressive activities designed to culminate into an in-class, timed essay exercise:

  • The first activity involves analyzing a selected passage from the book where students are tasked with drawing it before proceeding onto a detailed analysis. This also includes examining a related visual source that links to wider themes within the book.

  • In the subsequent activity, learners practice how they can leverage text evidence to support specific claims proposed by their peers and then present their findings orally. This not only improves their reading comprehension but also cultivates assertive speaking strategies.

Understanding that writing proficiency is crucial for successful linguistic learning, additional exercises have been incorporated such as crafting complex and compound sentences thus equipping learners with an arsenal of varied sentence structure skills.

As for crafting well-structured essays, our resource provides a model indicating how best to organize thoughts during scribed assignments. This guides them in creating logical arguments consistently reinforced by strong evidence-based assertions – pivotal skillsets required for advanced language learning or any academic pursuit.

All these materials are efficiently organized and offered via Google Docs™ file format ensuring easy accessibility and seamless interaction no matter where you are teaching - public schools or homeschools.
Please remember this resource aligns best when used concurrently with my ‘Situation diplomatique’ teaching tool which further accentuates speaking prowess among pupils.

Invest your time wisely on this effective teaching resource that boosts both written and verbal communicative strengths among high-school aged French-language learners!

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