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French: Livret Tartuffe

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Grade 8, 9, 10



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French: Livret Tartuffe

The French: Livret Tartuffe teaching resource, suitable for Grade 8-10 students studying World Languages with a focus on French, is an enriching activity-based material. It manifests a meticulously designed guide that dovetails pedagogical objectives perfectly to ensure comprehension and mastery of 17th-century French literature.

Facilitating knowledge development in Communication, Culture, and Global Competency areas, it intends to help learners appreciate the timeless essence of Molière's dramatic genius while enriching their linguistic skills. Educators can use this dynamic tool flexibly in various settings - from whole group discussions to smaller focused groups or even as individual homework assignments.

Communication Activities:

  • Hones students' reading comprehension strategies explicitly centered on grasping the nuances of 17th century French language.
  • Included are sessions that encourage youngsters to express opinions about a French film - an exercise that prompts them not just to explore cinematic aspects but also verbalize these insights effectively in French.

Cultural Aspect:

  • Focused on identifying the distinct influence Louis XIV and Versailles court had on Molière's plays.
  • An assessment of neoclassical comedy traits like farce and satire within Molière's plays giving birth interesting classroom discussions.
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Global Competency:

  • Aims student emphasis on connecting themes in this celebrated work with contemporary sociology and politics enhancing their understanding by correlating historic ideologies to present-day global perspectives.

This dynamic resource is presented as a convenient Microsoft Word document comprising 26 pages filled with well-structured activities ensuring seamless utility across varied educational environments taking into consideration different student capabilities thereby allowing flexibility for teacher-directed pace control.

With the versatility it offers combined with its comprehensive approach towards meeting academic goals strategically conceived around Molière's iconic play Tartuffe - learning with this resource in the classroom or at home promises to be engaging and enriching, effectively complementing the teacher’s efforts while helping students appreciate historic French literature's richness.

What's Included

A word document with 26 pages.

Resource Tags

Molière 17th century French literature Communication skills Cultural influence

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