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Los Animales - Juego de Memoria

An educational teaching resource from The Biliteracy Teacher entitled Los Animales - Juego de Memoria downloadable at Teach Simple.
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Kindergarten, Preschool, Grade 1





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About This Product

Los Animales - Juego de Memoria: An Engaging Educational Resource

This teaching aid is designed to assist students in Kindergarten, Preschool, and Grade 1 students in learning Spanish. The resource comprises 12 unique card sets of animals, each with their corresponding names prominently placed on them. This game-based tool facilitates language acquisition while expanding vocabulary.

Game Principle:

The game employs the classic memory match principle – a proven method used globally by educators to enhance learning. Students are provided with the hands-on task of cutting out and laminating these cards which aids development of their fine motor skills.

  • This set can be applied as part of a whole group lesson or divided for small group activities.
  • Fosters collaborative working relationships among students while promoting friendly competition
  • Suitable for homeschooling environments
Homeschooling Application:

This resource serves as a fun reinforcement tool perfect for practice sessions between formal lessons or as homework assignment. It motivates independent learning offering repetition until mastery is achieved.

Format and Usability:

The product comes in an easily accessible PDF format ensuring quick printing from any device—a construction bearing user convenience at its heart while preserving its quality content—providing trouble-free usage.

In Conclusion,
Los Animales - Juego de Memoria makes learning fun yet instructive bringing joy into classrooms and homes ensuring that children stay completely engaged. Easy operation optimizes understanding at an early age setting the stage for future success in Spanish language studies.

What's Included

Están incluidos 12 animales con sus palabras.

Included are 12 animals with their words.

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Animal cards Spanish vocabulary Memory game Language acquisition Educational resource

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