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Lots Of Writing Tasks Teaching Writing To Argue: 'Save Our Tree' (7-11 years)

Lots Of Writing Tasks Teaching Writing To Argue: 'Save Our Tree' (7-11 years)
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Grade 3, 4, 5





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About This Product

Lots Of Writing Tasks Teaching Writing To Argue: 'Save Our Tree' (7-11 years) is a substantial teaching resource developed to involve young learners aged between 7 and 11 years old in stimulating, high-powered writing activities. This instructive package sparks thoughtful and creative writing, making it an excellent choice for teachers from traditional public schools as well as homeschooling environments.

This vibrant learning tool explores the case of Anya's report for the TV show 'Save Our Tree.' The kids are introduced to varying perspectives on stopping deforestation. Using these outlooks as foundational blocks, they're encouraged to share their viewpoints on this environmental argument.

Firstly, learners convey their opinions by drafting responses or reflections based on Anya's report. Then they use prompts included in this kit to guide them while crafting their newspaper articles discussing the situation. Following this intriguing task comes another where they get the chance to demonstrate persuasion skills by drafting a letter addressed to the council concerning the issue.

  • The engagement doesn't stop here! A strategy encouraging analytical thinking is implemented where children are asked to cut out prescribed writing cues and sort them according to different viewpoints—providing first-hand experience in identifying shades of arguments—a crucial life skill.

This resource takes on an exciting magazine-like format filled with captivating stories and non-fiction texts—it feels less like homework and more like fun reading time! Children enjoy tasks such as story-writing, play script composition even creating persuasive leaflets!

  1. Offering precise instructions coupled with examples leaving little space for misunderstandings—this resources PDF focuses heavily on assisting children familiarize themselves with varying writing techniques—it includes challenges that tackle forming basic sentences; increasing complexity using connectives; selective vocabulary selection; better understanding grammar along with efficient punctuation—a bonus especially during exam prep or helping ELL/ESL learners.

An excellent fit into the language arts curriculum, the 'Lots Of Writing Tasks Teaching Writing To Argue: 'Save Our Tree'' resource is an enriching addition to any teaching toolkit aimed for students in 3rd, 4th or the 5th grade.

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