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Magnolia Procreate Color Palette

Magnolia Procreate Color Palette
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About This Product

Magnolia Procreate Color Palette

Discover the Magnolia Procreate Color Palette, a comprehensive teaching resource designed specially for educators who appreciate artistry in their instruction. Derived from the inspiring aesthetics of Joanna Gaines, this palette consists of 30 unique and vibrant colors made to magnify your classroom visuals, materials, or even classroom decor.

Whether you are an artist at heart or simply an educator with a keen eye for design, this set integrates seamlessly with your Procreate app and provides you an expanded range of expressive possibilities. With these colors at your digital brush dips, you can customize supporting content in lessons or even give assignments a creative upgrade; making learning more engaging and exciting for students.

Implementation is incredibly flexible to your needs as an instructor:
  • You could utilize the color palette while creating whole group teaching material such as presentations or posters to attract attention and facilitate understanding.
  • In small group activities such as project work or artifacts creation, these hues can be used to differentiate instructions or express unique ideas visually which fosters discussion among students.

In remote learning scenarios where most interactions happen on screens, injecting diversity of colors into digitized homework assignments has the potential to lessen monotony and promote interest amongst learners - translating into better lesson absorption

Note: Ownership of the Procreate app is required so one can fully maximize this product’s usability. Simply downloading it will enable immediate use; no waiting around necessary because no shipping is involved!

Ideal across all grade levels:

  1. The Magnolia Procreate Color Palette holds universal appeal due its diverse utility –from arts integrated lessons in lower grades through science charts in higher grades–;
  2. It syncs well with any educator's creative pedagogy repertoire by reinvigorating educational materials with dynamic color diversity that enriches both visual storytelling and knowledge connectives.

So why wait? Revolutionize visual impact within your instructional material today by exploring our curated spectrum offered by none other than the Magnolia Procreate Color Palette.

What's Included

1 Procreate color palette

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