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Make a Ten: Strategies and Practice

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About This Product

Make a Ten: Strategies and Practice

This teaching resource is an excellent addition to your classroom resources, particularly applicable for Grade 1 - Grade 3 teachers. Categorized under Math, the kit focuses on elementary subjects like addition and subtraction with reference to holidays. Designed in an engaging PDF format, it enables active learning through various exercises and activities.

Tactical Aims & Objectives:

  • The primary aim of this product is to instill the principle of "Making Ten" in young students' minds.

  • It caters to different skill levels by providing two distinct strategies alongside explanatory posters for each one.

Interactive Materials & Exercises:

  • The resource supplements theoretical pointers with interactive games that involve playing cards numbered 2-10.

  • Included are personalised independent practice sheets correlating with each strategy, including ones adorned with attention-grabbing donuts!

Evaluative Tools:

To evaluate comprehension after practice sessions or game activities, 'exit tickets' are included as quick assessment tools for each topic.

Numerical Focus:

A central focus remains proficiency in arithmetic operations within 2 sets of numbers wherein their sum does not exceed 20 (as per CCSS.Math.Content.1.OA.C.6 and CCSS.Math.Content.2.OA.B.2 standards).

Innovative Approaches introduced include:

  • Counting Up' from a given number

  • 'Fast-track Calculation Methods' such as making ten (8+6 = 8+2+4=14)

  • "Instrumentalizing association between addition/subtraction"; this encourages students to perceive linkages between such numeric operations (e.g., recognizing if 8 +4 =12 then correspondingly, 12-8=4)

  • This valuable resource gently guides beginners along their numeric journey while adding value even to advanced learners—truly indispensable! Don't forget to check out related useful resources pertaining Kinder & First Grade Word Problems Add/Subtract till twenty odd/even etc., thus creating an entire package deal ready-made for you!

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