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Map Work for Australia | Continent of Australia Unit Study | Geography Bundle

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Grade 3, 4, 5, 6, 7



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About This Product

These map work activities and worksheets will help you teach about countries, land features, and how to make and use a map of Australia. Help your students create a beautiful detailed map to keep. Help them memorize and identify some of the Australian countries.

*Please note that this is map work of the continent of Australia, which many people also know as the continent of Oceania. This resource covers the continent of Australia, not the country.

How To Use This:

Look through all the resources and decide which ones to use. Print the maps and follow the steps to create your own map of this continent. Practice labeling individual countries as part of your lesson. Then play a few games to reinforce your learning! Good luck in all your map making adventures!

What You Get:

  • - Political Map of Australia

  • - Half-sheet Quick Facts about Australia

  • - Teach Discussion Guide to use with Quick Facts About Australia

  • - Label Countries in Australia worksheet and Answer Key

  • - Blank Map of Australia Continent Template

  • - 1 page map-making guide for students to follow as they make their map

  • - Australia Map Work Word Search and Answer Key

  • - 5 double-sided flashcards to help your students memorize Australian countries and landforms.

Want More Australia Study Resources?:

*I have resources like this for every continent. So make sure to check them out if your'e trying to put together a comprehensive geography study!

Check out other resources from my store: Simply Schoolgirl!


I can be contacted for questions and concerns at

What's Included

1 zip file with:

-1 PDF with 15 ready to print pages

-Google Doc w/ product description

-Preview images

Resource Tags

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