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Matching Food Halves Visual Form Constancy

About This Product

Matching Food Halves Visual Form Constancy : An Informative Teaching Resource .

An ideal teaching tool intended for preschool, kindergarten, and grade 1 educators specializing in special resources, language arts, and math lessons. It is perfectly suited for visual learners and those requiring interactive methods of teaching in order to acquire knowledge .

Product Content :

  • This PDF file contains 180 cards, comprising of 45 food vocabulary concepts presented in both color and black & white versions .

  • The images consist of half and half illustrations of various foods such as fruits ( e.g., apples ), vegetables ( e.g., broccoli ), or even common dishes like sandwiches .

Main Feature - "Visual Form Constancy" :

The principle of Visual Form Constancy is incorporated into the design of this resource . Here, foods are split visually into halves while remaining easily recognizable . This feature assists students in developing recognition and recall skills through pattern identification .

Versatility & Adaptability :

  1. This resource can be implemented collectively during group discussions or individually during practice sessions – promoting active participation among all students regardless of their learning pace .

  2. The prints also serve excellently as homework assignments to keep children engaged at home while progressively enhancing their understanding .

In conclusion .
Fostering basic mathematical skills along with vocabulary enhancement predominantly for the younger grades becomes simpler yet effective with the ' Matching Food Halves Visual Form Constancy ' tool kit . It makes learning an enjoyable journey rather than a daunting undertaking .

32 - page PDF with color and black and white images ( illustrations ) of edible things . Cards to match ( half and half ) and work on vocabulary expansion, visual perception and memory skills, along with semantics and fun !

The rest of this series and also many more visual learning resources you can find on WORDS ASIDE .

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