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Math Munchies Cafe: Tips, Discounts, Tax, Percents

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About This Product

Math Munchies Cafe: Tips, Discounts, Tax, Percents

This innovative learning tool designed for 6th to 8th graders melds principles of mathematics with immersive real-life exercises on calculating discounts, taxes and tips.

Key Concept

The core idea is to interact with a special 'math-influenced' menu - consisting of fun food items such as Acute Quesadillas or Rounding Ravioli. This offer youths an enjoyable yet practical method of learning critical math concepts.

Included Resources
  • An educator's guide on setting up the classroom activity.
  • Useful tools like customer order form and waiter/waitress order form for structuring the exercise and fostering engagement from learners.
  • A waiter/waitress training program that offers opportunities to practice adding decimals and making change.
  • Coupons for 'customers' introducing an added layer of realism while allowing students to apply discount calculations.
Add-on Feature

Younger 'family' members are invited as guests at Math Munchies Cafe where they choose from different money amounts - enhancing inter-grade integration within this exercise.

Tips & Guidelines

Educators are provided useful tips in this package tailored towards making both group study sessions or smaller focused groups activities more productive depending on their teaching style.


The playful dictum stands true with Math Munchies Cafe: Consuming large amounts of math indeed leads to enlarged brains!

What's Included


-Cover page

-Coupons for the customers

-Amounts of money for "families" (customers) to pick from

-Customer Order Form

-Waiter/Waitress Order Form

-Waiter/Waitress Training (practice for students before customers arrive)

-Teacher Tips

-Math Munchies Cafe Menu (complete with math related menu items such as: Acute Quesadillas (in the shape of acute triangles), Denominator Cheesy (burger with cheese on the bottom and burger on top), and Rounding Ravioli (with "about" 10 pieces of ravioli) )

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