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Mau ke Aloha! Hawaiian And Summer Bulletin Boards And Door Decor Kits

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About This Product

This summer, you can transform your classroom with our bulletin boards & door decor kits into a tropical paradise. Delightful and hands-on, this project is inspired by the spirit of Hawaii and the warmth brought about by summer. It is full of joy and relaxation.

You Will Get:

1. Hawaiian Summer Bulletin Board Kit:

There are cute pineapple themed designs that can convert your room to a tropical atmosphere. These designs are very flexible and their function includes promoting warm messages and unifying classrooms.

2. Tropical Door Decor Elements:

There are cute elements for the doors that will make your entrance look like it’s from an island vacation. You can personalize these elements using names of the students or with photos glued on them to give them a personal touch.

3. Inclusive Designs:

The Aloha Spirit can be expressed in various inclusive designs with letters that come in various colors (Multicolor), outlines or black which welcomes all students into your class room.

4. Graphics in Different Sizes:

Graphics sizes matter when it comes to selecting ones language as well as a perfect size for one’s Classroom Layout so as to have an immersive Experience; either way, this must remain consistent since it consists of diverse graphics such as those made out of pineapple pieces suitable for every creative taste.

Great for:

Embracing Hawaiian Culture:

Make students know they are in Hawaii through immersing themselves into its vibrant spirit

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