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Mayflower: History - Hands On

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History: USA


Grade 1, 2, 3, 4



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About This Product

The Mayflower: History - Hands On is a robust teaching resource, specially crafted for educators across the board—from public school teachers to homeschooling enthusiasts. It is intended for grades 1 through 4 and seeks to illuminate the integral journey of the Pilgrims and their crucial relations with Native Americans during America's foundation.

This resource proudly presents a rich assortment of 34 PDF pages that are fully prepared for printing and integration into your upcoming social studies lessons. Venturing away from routine textbook-centric learning, it follows an experiential methodology towards understanding history. An atmosphere is fostered where students are prompted to delve deeper into why Pilgrims decided upon a sudden departure from their homeland in search of new territories—a theme ideally suited for invigorating discourse surrounding human migration, displacement, and resilience.

  • Furthermore, students gain comprehensive information regarding the Mayflower—the vessel that courageously transported these adventurers over tumultuous waters—and get insight into what comprised their meals during this transit as well as how they occupied themselves aboard—a perfect transition point to discuss survival strategies and naval history.
  • In addition to voyages at sea, this toolkit goes deep into describing how Pilgrims faced challenges adapting in an alien land—the nascent Plymouth Colony. Students grasp how these pioneers managed forging a life out of unfamiliar environs—an ideal avenue for introducing topics like colonization & adaptability.
  • The voyage continues as students uncover how reciprocal cooperation between settler Pilgrims & indigenous residents facilitated peaceful coexistence—an unparalleled lesson on forbearance & inter-cultural respect.

Alluding importantly though is Squanto’s narrative seamlessly integrated within this material—it provides valuable viewpoints on individual roles within historical chronicles.

When employed in whole-group sessions, the full impact of Mayflower: History - Hands On can be realized due to its holistic subject matter adept for group ideation. Yet, it also presents substantial value when utilized within smaller collaborative learning circles or as stimulating homework tasks—encouraging independent exploration beyond classroom confines.

In short, Mayflower: History - Hands On exists as an educational apparatus intended to boost comprehension of U.S. history uniquely and engagingly. Its mission is to equip educators with a means to nurture discerning & empathetic future citizens while concurrently satisfying grade-level Social Studies benchmarks.

What's Included

1 PDF with 34 ready to print pages

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