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Microscope Parts Word Search and Scramble Activity

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Basic Science


Grade 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11



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About This Product

Your students will love this engaging science review activity. Everyone loves word searches and scrambles and they make for a great review activity that is fun and competitive.

This interactive game reinforces key scientific concepts and theories, ensuring curriculum relevance and accuracy.

The game package includes 25 common Microscope Part terms and concepts.

The first part of this activity is a word search using the common terms while the second part uses the same terms in a word scramble and define where your students need to unscramble the word and define it.

Simply print and go. This is a no-prep activity and can be used to introduce terms, review, or as additional work for those who finish early.

Tailor the experience to the level of your students. You can use one or both parts to help your students learn key concept terms.

Some example terms include:

  1. Eyepiece

  2. Objective lenses

  3. Stage

  4. Stage clips

  5. Light

  6. Base

  7. Arm

  8. Coarse focus

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