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Modern Rainbow Digital Notebook | Portrait Orientation

Modern Rainbow Digital Notebook | Portrait Orientation
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About This Product

Modern Rainbow Digital Notebook: Portrait Orientation

An innovative tool designed especially for educators, from public school teachers to homeschoolers. This notebook introduces a new era of paperless learning that is not only eco-friendly but also enhances organization.

Hyperlinked PDF Format

The notebook comes in a single PDF file featuring eight hyperlinked tabs. These tabs provide effortless movement from one section to another without the need for scrolling through numerous pages. For teachers, this translates into easy access to academic content at any point in time.

Variety of Page Options

Included within the notebook are several page styles:

  • Lined pages for structured notes.
  • Dotted pages suitable for sketches or graphs during mathematics lessons.
  • Blank pages which can be personalized according to your needs and preferences.

A Comprehensive Index System

Maintain orderly records, thanks to the comprehensive index system where every piece of information finds its appropriate place!

Bonus Features!

The Digital Notebook is compatible with any digital note-taking application! Personal experience attests that it works exceptionally well with the Goodnotes app on iPad Pro 12.9 using Apple Pencil. Rainbow-themed aesthetic design enhances visual appeal making this resource more than just another functional accessory - it's an essential part of your stylish classroom decor!

What's Included

+ 1 PDF file

+ 8 Hyperlinked tabs for easy navigations

+ Lined, dotted, and blank page options (to customize your notebook!)

+ Index for easy organization

Resource Tags

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