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Modified Spelling Activities | List of 'p' Words

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Grade 4



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About This Product

Modified Spelling Activities for Words with 'p' This fourth grade spelling resource focuses on words beginning with the letter 'p' to help students who struggle with spelling common, high-frequency words. The set contains a list of 'p' words and activities to practice them through various methods to reinforce learning. Teachers can utilize the activities during whole group, small group, centers, morning work, or assign as homework. The multisensory activities allow students to see, hear, and manipulate the words to commit them to memory. The words were chosen for fourth grade but also work for third to fifth grade special education and ELL students needing extra spelling practice. Please see other sets available for each letter of the alphabet.

What's Included

Included Please Find 24 Pages:

For List 'p' Spelling Words

> Teacher's Spelling List (10 Spelling Words, 5 Extra Credit Words)

> Letter Box Visual

> Letter Box Activity Directions

> Activity 1: Letter Box Activity

> Trace It Directions

> Activity 2: Trace It Activity

> Challenging Words Directions

> Activity 3: Challenging Words Activity

> On The Line Directions

> Activity 4: On The Line Activity

> Read and Write a Story Directions

> Activity 5: Read and Write a Story

> Spelling Check Directions

> Activity 6: Spelling Check Activity

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Spelling Modified Curriculum Special Education ELA Fourth Grade

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