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Monster Feelings Match Game Plus Handout

Monster Feelings Match Game Plus Handout
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Life Skills


Kindergarten, Grade 1, 2, 3





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About This Product

The Monster Feelings Match Game Plus Handout

An engaging and educational resource catered for childhood educators and homeschooling environments focusing on life skills. This game is designed to help children from Kindergarten through Grade 3 identify, express, and discuss their feelings in an interesting and thought-provoking way.

Match Game Features

  • Cute monster graphics that conveys diverse emotions catching the students' attention.
  • A set of 24 matching cards depicting 12 distinct feelings - each labeled with related emotional expressions.
  • Versatile usability either as part of group activities or small group interactions where classic games like "Go Fish" or "Memory" can be played using these cards.

Further Learning Opportunities

Teachers are encouraged to instigate interpersonal discussions among peers during these interactions. Students can share instances when they experienced the feelings represented by their matched cards nourishing empathy-building exercises. An additional handout featuring smaller versions of emotion-expressing monsters exists in this package acting as further reinforcement for continuous learning even after the game ends!

Ease-of-Use & Accessibility

  • All materials delivered digitally via PDF format simplifying its integration across varied classroom settings whilst ensuring ease during activity planning or homework assignments in relation to the product.
  • This inclusive design effectively makes The Monster Feelings Match Game Plus Handout not just a game but an impactful teaching aid fostering vital life skills early on such as emotional regulation, empathy cultivation, verbal expression of emotions ,and intrapersonal understanding.

A blend of play-based experiential learning makes it both practical and fulfilling as a teaching resource in fostering emotional well-being among budding learners.

What's Included

A 24 card match game, directions and a reinforcement handout.

Resource Tags

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