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Motion: Acceleration - FLASH-PC

An educational teaching resource from Classroom Complete Press entitled Motion: Acceleration - FLASH-PC downloadable at Teach Simple.
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Grade 5, 6, 7, 8

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About This Product

Motion: Acceleration - FLASH-PC Teaching Resource

The Motion: Acceleration - FLASH-PC teaching resource is a comprehensive toolkit designed for educators to facilitate an engaging and thorough exploration of the principles of motion, with a focus on acceleration. This tool aligns with the curriculum content set out by Common Core State Standards and meets educational objectives as outlined in Bloom's Taxonomy.

Reading Passages and Practice Questions

This resource provides structured reading passages on the topic to deepen students' understanding of motion acceleration conceptually. These passages are paired with focused 'before you read' and 'after you read' question sections that encourage active engagement with the material while strengthening comprehension and retention skills.

Inclusion of Easy-to-use Printables

Educators will also find easy-to-use printables included in this product. These materials can be used effectively across varied teaching settings including whole group instruction or segmented into smaller learning units like:

  • Pair Study sessions
  • Individual Study sessions

Digital Vocabulary Flashcards

The product includes a set of vocabulary flashcards which serve to aid term memorization while enriching scientific vocabulary associated with physics education at grade levels 5 through 8. The digital format makes these flashcards useful during class time as well as take-home assignments.

Multimedia Elements Included for Enhanced Engagement

Besides traditional reading assignments, this tool brings multimedia elements into play such as video presentations and interactive activities involving audio tracks. These elements significantly enhance student engagement compared to text-only resources when dealing abstract concepts like Motion Acceleration.


The software-based file design means this teaching resource is easily shareable across different computer systems, making it a flexible choice for teachers operating from various technology platforms at schools or homes during remote-learning situations.


The Motion: Acceleration – FLASH-PC science lesson planning tool meticulously combines vital elements needed for effective pedagogical approaches. It aims at delivering complex physics topics like motion acceleration comprehensibly yet engagingly to students in mid-elementary to junior-high classrooms.

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