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Motion – Digital Interactive Notebook

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Grade 8, 9, 10



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About This Product

The Motion - Digital Interactive Notebook

The Motion - Digital Interactive Notebook is a comprehensive teaching resource designed to aid the process of educating students about motion physics. This high school level tool offers an interactive, digital approach, adopting new-age methods of classroom engagement and learning.

Accessibility and Design

Catering specifically to classes with 1:1 student-device ratios, this digital notebook can be accessed via any electronic device ranging from Chromebooks and Cellphones to Tablets. The resource includes 18 engaging activities spread across 27 highly interactive pages that covers various aspects of motion.

Tech-friendly Traditional Layout with Customizability

Using cloud services like Google Drive or OneDrive, this Digital Interactive Notebook combines tradition with technology by sporting a design akin to traditional notebooks yet leveraging the capabilities offered by digital platforms. With customization being key, the majority of components in this resource are editable; moreover, slides can be easily added or removed as per the learning requirements in your classroom.

Inclusive Content

  • "One-Dimensional Motion"
"Two-dimensional motion & vectors""Frames of Reference"\\"Uniform Acceleration"\endlistitem>\\\"Projectile Motion"\end listitem>
Digital Advantages

No physical storage space required and personal device suffices perfectly well—making it accessible anywhere at any time.. Once purchased allows you access your own copy conveniently stored in your Google Drive folder which you then distribute among students without worrying about physical materials or their misplacement. Variety Of Activities And Security Measures
Interactive drag-and-drop exercises, videos with learning questions, calculation questions, fill-in-the-blanks and auditory answer exercises diversify the learning methods. Room for personal note-making is possible through extra slides. Plagiarism checks in place RETURN Carriage ReturnDespite the transition from physically engaging with paper-and-pen notebooks to digital ones, students do not lose hands-on experience but gain technological fluency.

Customisable Per Grade And Curriculum

The Motion - Digital Interactive Notebook can be adapted according to your curriculum requirements aiding easy understanding and better retention of physics concepts around 'Motion.'

What's Included

1 zip file with:

-PDF teacher copy

-27 page Digital Interactive Notebook

Resource Tags

interactive learning physics education digital notebooks motion physics hands-on experience

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