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Motion Gr. 5-8

An educational teaching resource from Classroom Complete Press entitled Motion Gr. 5-8 downloadable at Teach Simple.
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Grade 5, 6, 7, 8



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About This Product

Motion Gr. 5-8 Resource: A Comprehensive Teaching Aid

The Motion Gr. 5-8 resource is a comprehensive teaching aid designed to simplify the intriguing world of motion for young learners. It's crafted to cater to students in grades 5 through 8, making it an ideal addition for both public school educators and homeschooling parents focusing on physical science subjects.

Easy Introduction to Notions of Speed and Distance

This resource offers ample scientific content coupled with practicality, enabling teachers to introduce complex notions of speed and distance in an easy-to-understand format. The students can embark on a journey through this course, gradually learning about stillness or motion by acknowledging real-life instances around them.

  • Students get the chance to graph velocities featuring differing walking speeds back home from school – a practical approach into theoretical education.
  • Critical thinking and analytical skills are encouraged - using provided information, students must identify when a skydiviver accelerates during their jump.
Intriguing Activities and Experiments

The Motion Gr. 5-8 resource encompasses interesting activities such as:

  • Following directions in treasure maps explorations.
  • Fostering discussions involving frequency and pitch during vibrating motions - delving deeper into physical science!
  • An experiment involving maneuvering an ordinary bicycle wheel office chair elucidates circular motion principles effectively– driving home the correlation between academic theory and real-world application seamlessly.
An added bonus includes hands-on experiments that will help ignite curiosity while paving a path full of new learning opportunities! Incorporating Sound Wave Dissection

This allows pupils insight into wavelengths' role alongside amplitude in wave mechanics further instilling key fundamentals of physical science

Adherence to Learning Standards

Aligned with Next Generation State Standards along with alignment towards Bloom's Taxonomy & STEAM initiatives - this resources boasts versatility since it can be adapted for whole group lessons or small group settings by experienced educators as well as novices alike aiming to demystify scientific elements around us daily.

Crossword puzzles, word search tasks, comprehension quizzes and answer keys are thrown into the mix to solidify the concepts learned while nourishing young minds' love for exploration. Accessible and Ready-To-Use Format

The Motion Gr. 5-8 resource comes in a convenient PDF format making it easily accessible and ready-to-use - transforming classrooms into learning hubs of physical science!

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