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Multicolored Confetti Editable Binder Covers & Spines

An educational teaching resource from Just SO - Sharon Oliver entitled Multicolored Confetti Editable Binder Covers & Spines downloadable at Teach Simple.
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About This Product

So easy to edit and use, these watercolor confetti binder covers and spines will cheer up your shelves!


Fun and Beautiful Confetti Binders are editable in Google Slides and Microsoft PowerPoint. Watercolor adds a nice softness to variety of bright colors in the design.

You will download a zip file with an editable PowerPoint Presentation as well as a PDF that links to Google Drive where it asks you to make a copy of the editable resource. To edit, simply click on the text to change words, fonts, and size. Drag or turn the text box to change the location or direction if desired. Insert a white-filled text box to block off any spines you do not want to print. 


With fifty-three total pages of colorful confetti, this resource provides a selection of 30 optional binder covers and 5 different set of binder spines. Each set includes binder spines half-inch, one-inch, one-and-a-half-inch, two-inch, and three-inch spines. Mix and match or choose your favorites. Please note – the first three pages are for “packaging” purposes and not editable.  

Appropriate for all classrooms, teachers, staff, students, or your home office!

Teachers - Using matching or coordinating binder covers, spines, and labels (see my other product listings) will help tie in the different colors and objects in the room, uniting the look, improving the feel of the room, and can even help raise your score on teacher evaluations.


Feeling overwhelmed?  Don't try to do it all at once.  Start with 3 to 5 binders a week. That is manageable, and makes a big difference. The hardest part is getting started! So, find a design you like, your favorite font, and take it a week at a time! You Got This!


Happy Organizing!


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