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Multiplication 101: Students' Guide to the Multiplication Tables

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Grade 5, 6





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About This Product

Multiplication 101: Students' Guide to the Multiplication Tables

This is a comprehensive, practical resource born out of rich tutoring experience. Whether students struggle with learning multiplication tables, or just need a fresh approach, this is an all-encompassing toolkit.

Main Features:
  • Detailed explanations complemented by helpful diagrams
  • Accommodation for multiple classroom scenarios
  • Invaluable prep tool before tests on multiplication tables
  • Offers benefits for home-based learning too; thanks to a collection of games packed into it
  • A bundle of activities designed particularly to solidify comprehension and exercises that find use in Math Centers

One suggested activity within this toolkit is 'Multiplication Bingo', which heightens anticipation and enthusiasm among students while reinforcing their understanding in a fun way.


This guide stands suitable for mainstream public school teachers and homeschoolers alike. Its interactive activities are catered explicitly towards Grade 5 and Grade 6 learners grappling with multiplicative aspects of Math and comes as a PDF type file ready to be used efficiently.

Towards Efficacy Woven Efficiency-

The Multiplication 101: Students' Guide forms part of every teacher's arsenal who values setting up robust resources while sparking enthusiasm among young minds.

What's Included

The Multiplication Guide includes:

- explanations and diagrams

- games that can be played at school or at home

- activities that will strengthen understanding

- activities that can also be doubled up into Math Centers

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