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Multiplication Repeated Addition Mats with Cubes x7

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Grade 2, 3, 4





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About This Product

Multiplication Repeated Addition Mats with Cubes x7: A Unique Approach to Multiplication Education

An educational resource designed for students in grades 2 through 4, the Multiplication Repeated Addition Mats with Cubes x7 offers a unique and ingenious approach to teaching multiplication.

Customizable Learning Levels

The resource includes three distinctive versions that cater to varying aptitudes and learning styles, ensuring every student can unlock their full potential in math.

Ready-to-Use Resource

This product is offered as a 38-page PDF, ready for download and immediate use. The content sheets can be printed using any standard printer, integrated into any suitable teaching setup - be it classroom instruction or remote learning.

Cube Methodology
  1. The use of cubes helps students grasp the concept of multiplication by making abstract ideas concrete.
  2. This interactive approach makes problem-solving enjoyable rather than intimidating, fostering a deeper comprehension of math.
Fostering Engagement & Collaboration
  • The visual representation of problems on mats encourages active learner involvement and promotes teamwork skills during problem-solving activities.
Visual Treats Make Learning Fun!
The vibrant graphics on these educational mats turn maths into an enjoyable visual experience. They're perfect for creating engaging bulletin board displays or adding color and knowledge simultaneously into student notebooks! Targeted specifically at Grade 2 through Grade 4 students aiming for mastery in Mathematics – specifically multiplication as a subsubject – the Multiplication Repeated Addition Mats with Cubes x7 offer innovative instructions methods that blend essential learning goals with interactive visuals!

What's Included

38-page PDF

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