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Math > Multiplication | Grade 3, 4 | Worksheets

Multiplying by 1 and 0 *Posters & Worksheets*

Multiplying by 1 and 0 *Posters & Worksheets*
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Grade 3, 4





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About This Product

Multiplying by 1 and 0 Posters & Worksheets

This comprehensive teaching resource is designed to facilitate an easier introduction of multiplication concepts for students. Geared mostly towards Grade 3 and Grade 4, this product is highly beneficial for math educators in both traditional schools or homeschooling environments.

Fundamental Properties of Multiplication

  • Identity Property: Any number multiplied by one remains the same.
  • Zero Property: Any number multiplied by zero results in zero.

Laying down these principles forms a strong foundation before moving to more complex multiplying operations with two-digit numbers.

Included Components

  1. Scholastic Posters: These can be displayed around classrooms, reinforcing the properties daily.
  2. Insets for Student Folders: These serve as convenient references during independent study times or homework assignments.
  3. Multiplication Practice Worksheets: The worksheets provide ample opportunities for hands-on practice, helping students gradually master multiplication fundamentals step-by-step. These can be optimally utilized within a wide variety of instructional setups—be it whole-group sessions, small-group cooperatives discussions, or individual work during class hours as well as home assignments.

    Packed into an accessible PDF file comprising 28 information-rich pages,, Multiplying by 1 and 0 Posters & Worksheets combines engaging visuals with practice tasks making early multiplication learning enjoyable. It serves as a valuable aid to educators geared at building robust mathematical foundations in their learners right from elementary stages onwards.


What's Included

1 PDF File | 28 Pages

Resource Tags

multiplication conceptsidentity propertyzero propertystudent-friendly resourceshands-on activities

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