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Musical Instrument Design Challenge

Musical Instrument Design Challenge
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About This Product

Musical Instrument Design Challenge

This innovative teaching resource has been carefully crafted to engage the creative minds of students. The challenge entails designing and building a new musical instrument, contemplating its functionality, its potential to create unique sounds, and identifying the core elements required for sound production.

Unlike typical classroom tasks, this hands-on experience extends learning beyond textbooks and can be incorporated in a variety of educational contexts such as Genius Hour projects or Makerspace activities.


  1. Context: Clarity on why this task is important.
  2. The Task: A well-defined design challenge is laid out for students.
  3. Specifications: Clear instructions on what needs to be accomplished are presented.
  4. Constraints:The limitations of the project are defined.
  5. Materials Needed:List of required materials and corresponding tools.
  6. -liBahySteps:vhnbcniFollowing steps must be completed
  7. ThisIsStudents will receive tips that may prove helpful in accomplishing their task. /href"http://" target="_blank". Find out more... /p " This design challenge brings a real-life scenario focus into learning which not only improves practical understanding but also encourages creative solutions exploration by students. Thirdly, primarily aimed at Physical Science studies in school or homeschool settings , it also enhances Social Emotional Learning (SEL) opportunities by fostering collaboration abilities accompanied with problem-solving skills among students. Fourthly, Fifthly, Finally,

What's Included

The design briefs come ready to go with the following sections:

Context - so the challenge makes sense

Design Challenge - what the task is to do

Specifications - the must do’s for this challenge

Constraints - the limitations for this challenge

Materials - needed for the challenge 

Tools - needed for the challenge 

Steps - to complete the challenge

Tips - helpful info for the challenge

Resource Tags

musical instrument design creativity hands-on learning STEAM education problem-solving

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