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Cardboard Creation Design Challenge

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About This Product

The Cardboard Creation Design Challenge

The Cardboard Creation Design Challenge is a well-formulated teaching resource that suits versatile educational environments. This tool provides educators, including public school teachers and homeschoolers, a platform to offer students an unparalleled creative experience while promoting independent thought and problem-solving skills.

Main Objective of this Resource

This primary goal of this teaching resource is to inspire innovation and deep thinking among students. READY design challenges mean no additional preparation time is needed from the teacher's side - simply hand them out to your students for unique opportunities towards self-guided learning!

Integration with Various Subjects and Real-world Scenarios

These challenges subtly combine subjects like Math with real-world scenarios in word problems, allowing learners to associate classroom teachings with practical life applications during Makerspace Events, Genius Hour, Choice Time Periods or even SEL Time.

  1. Context: Explains the logic behind the challenge.
  2. Design Challenge: Describes what must be accomplished.
  3. Specifications:List crucial requirements of the challenge.
  4. Constraints: Show limitations impacting task-resolution process. Needed Materials & Tools.
  • Ideal for Cartography lessons or Independent Studying.
      In Summary
      This instrument fosters creativity across various curriculums - from Mathematics assignments developing critical thinking skills right down towards Technology Classes tackling complex Engineering concepts. The adaptability across varied grade levels emphasizes these design tasks' purpose: To instigate innovative thought-processing habits within future inventors, regardless of their academic stages. These challenges invite each student into an immersive learning experience, one challenging task at a time!

What's Included

The design briefs come ready to go with the following sections:

Context - so the challenge makes sense

Design Challenge - what the task is to do

Specifications - the must do’s for this challenge

Constraints - the limitations for this challenge

Materials - needed for the challenge 

Tools - needed for the challenge 

Steps - to complete the challenge

Tips - helpful info for the challenge

Resource Tags

design thinking problem solving hands-on learning creativity STEM

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