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New Year Do A Dot

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About This Product

New Year Do A Dot: An Invigorating Hands-On Resource

New Year Do A Dot is a set of interactive worksheets with 16 printable pages (8 colored; 8 black and white), specially crafted to celebrate the onset of a new year in an enjoyable and learning-friendly manner.

About Our Unique New Year Theme:

The activity packet includes illustrations related to the New Year's celebration - featuring images like '2023', balloons, ball drop, January 1 calendar page, clock at midnight, firework display, party hat and noise maker.

Flexible Implementation:

  • A whole group activity in a classroom setting,
  • Small group assignments,
  • Ideal for indoor recess activities or substitute plans,
  • Quick refresher tasks between lessons or filler tasks.

Beyond Fun-filled Coloring Experience:

This engaging craft exercise benefits your students by significantly refining their motor planning along with bilateral hand coordination abilities. It’s broadly loved by toddlers & preschoolers alike!

Suitable for Inclusive Learning Setups:

Adaptable due to its design simplicity makes it suitable for home learning setups or therapy settings catering specifically for kids on Autism spectrum. Available readily accessible via PDF download into your New Year-themed class curriculum Discover other Do A Dot Art Packets to keep learning momentum real, substantial and eventful all year round!


What's Included

Items included:



-ball drop

-Jan 1 calendar page

-clock at midnight


-party hat

-noise maker

Resource Tags

preschool kindergarten fine motor skills New Year's celebration hands-on activities

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