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NGSS Science Flip Book | Magnets | Magnetic Interactions | 3rd Grade Science

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Grade 3, 4, 5



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About This Product

NGSS Science Flip Book: Magnets and Magnetic Interactions

The NGSS Science Flip Book is designed specifically for 3rd-grade science education, providing a comprehensive teaching toolkit for educators. It's main aim is to create an interactive and informative learning environment centered around magnets and their interactions.

  1. Fulfills standard 3-PS2-3, which emphasizes cause-and-effect relationships regarding magnetic or electric interactions.
  2. Incorporates key informational reading standards through instructional reading passages & comprehension activities.
  3. Included are written response questions that allow students to articulate gained knowledge.
  4. Eases prep work with step-by-step instructions & an accompanying instructional video for setup procedures. Proving it adaptable for both large group learning or smaller discussions.

Advanced Teaching Guidance Through the Flip Book

Apart from basic guidelines, the flip book offers teacher tips throughout its length offering actionable advice on effective utilization across different classroom settings like public schools or homeschooling environments. Plus, an answer key feature supports consistent grading while easing marking duties of the teacher."

Focused Audience Beyond Grade 3
  • Versatile use makes it beneficial as enrichment material for Grades 4 and 5 pupils studying Language Arts or Physical Science topics.
Digital Accessibility

This digital product comes as a PDF ensuring easy access across various devices without compromise on quality - advantageous especially to homeschooling parents lacking extensive printing capabilities. All content within complies with copyright laws ensuring your purchase is both legal and ethical! Utilize this tool to empower your students with the magnetic allure of science!

What's Included

Included in this Resource:

Prep Instructions

Printing and Prepping Instructional Videos

Teacher Tips

Student Flip Book with Instructional Reading, Activities, and Questions

Answer Key

Resource Tags

magnets magnetic interactions hands-on activities cause and effect relationships instructional reading passages

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