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Night over the Forest Journal Pack

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About This Product

Night over the Forest Journal Pack

This resource provides an immersive, imaginative way for students to express their knowledge and creativity. Ideal for various subjects this versatile tool adds depth while also facilitating transition into science-related topics.

Journal Pack Includes:
  • An artfully designed background page of a night sky spread over a tranquil pine forest.
  • Elements Infographics of phases of the moon, stars, nocturnal creatures and more—all meticulously illustrated.
These components together help in creating interactive journal pages that children will truly treasure.

This resource can be tailored to several different learning activities or goals.

  • In Large Group Lessons:
    Possible discussions about nature—specifically nocturnal animals—or space exploration concepts such as star systems or lunar phases.
  • In Smaller Groups Or One-On-One Sessions:
    Suitable as starting point for creative writing exercises steeped in imaginary forest adventures.

Rewarding homework assignments supplementing book studies and nature observation can also be supported with visuals from this pack.

Aditional Perks:
The exquisitely drawn elements besides being used in journals can accentuate classroom displays by providing visually appealing informative details subtly captured in each illustration. Packaging and Application:
Your digital download file is delivered in PNG format sized perfectly for A4 paper—which makes printing easy right off the bat!

The Night over the Forest Journal Pack created with varied reading levels in mind (Kindergarten through Grade 5) aligns well with teachers' need for instructional tools that are flexible without compromising on enhancing student engagement.

What's Included

You will receive a digital download file in PNG format sized to A4 ready to print.

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