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NO PRINT Community Helpers Receptive Expressive Language Activities Pack

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About This Product

NO PRINT Community Helpers Receptive Expressive Language Activities Pack

The NO PRINT Community Helpers Receptive Expressive Language Activities Pack is an interactive, easy-to-use language learning resource. Focusing on syntax, semantics, and morphology skill development in students, it offers both educational efficiency with a fun theme around community helpers. Best suited for virtual classrooms or in-person teaching sessions requiring ready-to-use stimuli without hardcopies.

An added layer of engagement is offered: a bonus game titled "Mail a Package", which allows students to actively participate and maintain focus while they learn.

Navigating the activities is straightforward - students can easily return to the home page by clicking 'home' or go forward to subsequent pages using 'next'. Selecting from listed options and returning to visited screens can also be achieved with simple clicks.

Educational Activities Pack Components:

  • 15 pages of developing analogies: Using pictured choices for visual aid in understanding word relations.
  • Pronouns (Subjective, Objective, Possessive) over 30 pages: Contributes towards grasping basic grammatical concepts.
  • A prepositions-focused segment encompassing 15 interactive pages:
  • Dedicated section for comparing & contrasting via descriptions spanning another set of 15 interactive pages.

Bonus Game: Doctor Visit

It winds up this linguistic quest! Suitable across all referenced grades.

Teachers can adjust this pack's flexible approach to suit their instructional methods - perfect for whole group work, equally effective in small groups or even as homework. With unmatched scope in both content and delivery, this activity pack is a commendable resource for educators invested in language competence and overall skill enhancement.

What's Included

This pack contains the following:

15 pages of Analogies with Pictured Choices

30 pages of Pronouns (Subjective, Objective, Possessive)

15 pages of Prepositions

15 pages of Descriptions (Compare & Contrast)

15 pages of Inferences with Pictured Choices

15 pages of Plurals (10 Regular, 5 Irregular)

15 pages of Verb Agreement with Subject Reference

BONUS GAME Doctor Visit

Resource Tags

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