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NO PRINT Digital Desk Pets Receptive Expressive Language Activities Pack

An educational teaching resource from Intrepid Speech Therapy Materials entitled NO PRINT Digital Desk Pets Receptive Expressive Language Activities Pack downloadable at Teach Simple.
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About This Product

NO PRINT Digital Desk Pets Receptive Expressive Language Activities Pack

This pedagogical tool is a perfect blend of education and entertainment designed for digital environments. Here's a glance at what it offers:

  • An engaging pet theme.
  • Embedded language acquisition exercises covering syntax, semantics, morphology, etc.
  • Specially designed for elementary grade levels (Preschool to Grade 5).

Pet Care Game Bonus Feature

The pack includes an interactive Pet Care Game to facilitate learning through play. Students choose from either a hamster, dog or cat pet which they can nurture as part of the game.

User Interface and Navigation

Maintaining the flow of lessons with accessible main pages via home buttons and simple next/back features ensures disruption-free learning objective focus.

Diverse Content Coverage

The multiple exciting pages cover distinct areas such as:

  • Analogies (15 pages)
  • Pronouns (30 pages)
  • Prepositions (15 pages)
  • Descriptions- compare & contrast (15 pages)
  • Inferences (15 pages), Verb agreement along with Subject References and even Irregular Plurals ensures extensive content coverage while maintaining high engagement through topic variation.

    Educator's Consideration Points

    All activities come in an easy-to-use PDF format ensuring compatibility and smooth sharing capabilities. Note:To gain optimal benefit from this No Print Digital Desk Pets Receptive Expressive Language Activities Pack, clear any pending inquiries prior to use. This allows seamless integration with your current teaching approach, whether used in small group online co-learning sessions or single-student interactive home studies.

    In summary, this digital activity pack effortlessly combines practicality with fun, making language learning more enjoyable. An invaluable addition to syntax and morphology instruction for virtual classrooms or traditional settings.

What's Included

This pack contains the following:

15 pages of Analogies with Pictured Choices

30 pages of Pronouns (Subjective, Objective, Possessive)

15 pages of Prepositions

15 pages of Descriptions (Compare & Contrast)

15 pages of Inferences with Pictured Choices

15 pages of Plurals (10 Regular, 5 Irregular)

15 pages of Verb Agreement with Subject Reference

BONUS GAME Pet Care GamePlease ask any questions you may have before purchasing.

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