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NO PRINT Digital Desk Pet Resort Auxiliary Verbs & Past Tense Verbs

NO PRINT Digital Desk Pet Resort Auxiliary Verbs & Past Tense Verbs
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About This Product

Students can enter the virtual pet resort to train as a Pet Resort Specialist by working on noun/verb agreement, then help 6 different pets at the virtual Pet Resort by working on regular and irregular past tense verbs. With this fun Pet Resort theme, maintaining your students' attention and focus will be easy! The BONUS GAME at the end will provide positive reinforcement as your students select a dog at the virtual Pet Resort, a collar and leash, and then a destination for a pet walk.

What makes this activity interactive and user-friendly? A home page allows you to navigate to the noun/verb agreement section, past tense verbs section, or bonus game with a couple of simple clicks. Make selections dependent on the given prompts by touching the correct "button." Use the back and next buttons to skip ahead or review a previous slide.

Please ask any questions you may have before purchasing.

What's Included

Included in this unit:

20 prompts for noun/verb agreement

24 prompts for regular past tense verbs

12 prompts for irregular past tense verbs

BONUS Pet Walk Game

Resource Tags

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