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NO PRINT Digital Desk Pet Care Sequences and Story Sequences

NO PRINT Digital Desk Pet Care Sequences and Story Sequences
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Kindergarten, Grade 1, 2, 3





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About This Product

NO PRINT Digital Desk Pet Care Sequences and Story Sequences

The NO PRINT Digital Desk Pet Care Sequences and Story Sequences is a dedicated resource that helps teach sequential concepts in speech therapy, designed specifically for kindergarten to grade 3 students. This tool is uniquely themed around pet care, captivating young learners and promoting sustained interest.

Digital Format: It's designed digitally which makes it perfect for various teaching modes such as distance learning, teletherapy or traditional classroom settings.

  • Components:This resource comprises 20 unique three-part events where students solve sequence puzzles by identifying the correct NEXT and LAST step given certain event parts.
  • Narrative Exercise:To enable real-world application of this concept, learners then recall these sequences in their own words with their responses entered into clickable text boxes fostering interactive discussions.

Supportive Short Stories:

The tool also includes 20 original short stories related to pet care sequences. This assists children in understanding the content better as they listen to each tale then retell it through pictures, with each picture matched accurately from three choices. User-Friendly Interface:
The product features an interactive home page enabling you to effortlessly navigate across different elements such as noun/verb agreement or past tense verbs depending on given prompts.

Bonus Game: Taking Learning To The Next Level

In addition to enriched educational content about sequences, this educational resource raises the bar making learning even more exciting by culminating with a bonus game! Herein, learners get to adopt pets of their choice complete with food/water bowls and toys -- reinforcing positive behaviour through play!

Last Remark :

Ideally crafted for fostering effective interactive discussions between teachers and students, the tool fills educational gaps while enhancing understanding speed & evolution within speech therapy sessions - be it for small group studies or full-classroom lessons. By providing thoughtfully challenging activities through puzzle-games & original short-stories approach it fits comfortably within most teaching approaches, effectively delivering practical knowledge.

What's Included

Included in this unit:

20 sequence puzzles to identify NEXT component

20 sequence puzzles to identify the LAST component

20 completed puzzles for verbal and written sequence description

20 original stories for story retell through pictures and verbal description

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