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NO PRINT Directing Your Tone of Voice Middle & High School Inferences



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About This Product

Do you find it difficult to teach tone of voice? Do you find that the instructions your giving sound vague and too abstract? This interactive PDF provides instructions for the tone of voice vocabulary including practice tools, video examples, and quantifiable measures for concrete thinkers. Additionally, the social scenes and scenarios take ONE phrase in THREE different contexts to solidify how the tone of voice changes in different contexts.

Have middle school and high school students in mixed groups with students who need help with inferences, figurative language, and complex sentences? There's an activity on each page for these students as well, making this resource perfect for mixed groups.

What makes this resource interactive and user-friendly?

Use the navigational arrows and "home" button to move back and forth between sections with ease. Use the clickable checkboxes and fillable text boxes OR your platform's annotation tools.

What's Included

What's included in this resource? 

Instructions for Tone of Voice Vocabulary: Rate, Pitch, Volume, Prolongation

Instructions for Oxymorons and Complex Sentences

Instructions for Types of Tone of Voice: Sarcastic vs. Sincere, Formal vs. Casual, Respectful vs. Irreverent, and Enthusiastic vs. Matter of Fact

30 Scenarios with REAL Picture Scenes for Analyzation and Expression

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