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NO PRINT Back to School Articulation - K Edition for Distance Learning

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About This Product

Title: NO PRINT Back to School Articulation - K Edition for Distance Learning

Geared towards enhancing the learning potential, this No Print Back to School Articulation - K Edition for Distance Learning is an essential teaching resource for educators in special resources or speech therapy. The main feature of this product is its concentration on the articulation of the /k/ phoneme, set within a back-to-school theme, making it both interactive and informative.

This product has been intricately designed with an interface that allows easy navigation through the different activities. It includes unique features for a virtual classroom setup such as:

  • 'What's in my...?' game where students can make use of eight medically approved stimuli within a game format.
  • These stimuli are carefully placed in different positions: initial, medial and final along with consonant blends to maintain interest and encourage practice.

The beauty of this product lies in its simplicity and seamless integration into any curriculum. Whether operating under whole group sessions, working within small groups or deploying it as part of homework assignments; educators will find significant value from introducing this digital resource into their repertoire.

Distance Learning Protocols & Accessibility

Moreover, every feature embedded corresponds to distance learning protocols making it ideal during periods where remote education may be necessary or beneficial. Being compatible with iPads enhances accessibility further ensuring smoother student engagement even remotely.

In totality,

The No Print Back-To-School Articulation pack provides:
  • A variety-packed option that enhances articulatory skill using focused /k/ phoneme target words
  • Energizes learners through stimulating themed vocabulary and games

To sum it up succinctly – almost like having targeted words at your fingertips - there's no prep required! The bottom line is that utilizing the digital resource streamlines educational delivery while concurrently helping students improve their linguistic complexity from simple words to complex sentences ensuring steady progression across grade levels!

What's Included

Here's what is included in this extensive pack:

8 stimuli for the initial position of words

8 stimuli for the medial position of words

8 stimuli for the final position of words

8 stimuli for consonant blends

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