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About This Product

This is an innovative, interactive PDF that will allow elementary school students to work on life skills with an online map while targeting attention, memory, semantic reasoning, executive function, auditory comprehension, and verbal expression on just 5 pages. For mixed groups, there are three map interaction activities for articulation.

What makes this PDF so interactive?

  • Annotate with Adobe Reader Comment Tool or Platform Tools

  • Fillable Boxes

  • Fillable Blanks

  • Checkable Boxes

  • Moveable Circle for Selecting Pictures Objects

  • Drop Down Box for Selecting Articulation Tongue Twister

Teletherapy Recommendations (may depend on the platform being used):

  • Interactive PDF opened in Adobe Reader AND

  • Maps Opened on Browser or Adobe Reader in Split Screen

  • Screen-Share ENTIRE or SELECTED PORTION of your Computer Screen

Please ask any questions you may have before purchasing.

What's Included

Example Activities Included in your 5 Pages:

Find Location

Time Estimation

Time Management

Location Activities for Attention to Screen

Suggestions for Divided Attention

Inferential Thinking

Sentence Formulation

Descriptive Vocabulary

Relational Vocabulary

Convergent Naming

Deductive Reasoning

Divergent Thinking

Decision Making

Problem Solving

Verbal Sequencing


Following Directions/Comprehension

Resource Tags

Life Skills Oral Communication Speech Therapy Internet Activities Easel Activity

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