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NO PRINT Map My Language Map Skills Aquarium Virtual Trip

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About This Product

NO PRINT Map My Language Map Skills Aquarium Virtual Trip

This is an innovative teaching resource formulated to boost language and cognitive skills among elementary school learners from kindergarten through grade 5. It offers a break from typical paper worksheets by proposing an engaging learning experience through an interactive online map. Perfectly suited for teachers dealing with mixed groups, it combines resources for special needs and speech therapy.

Digital Product Details

The digital product is designed to maintain engagement with five pages filled with life skill concepts such as:

  • Attention
  • Memory
  • Semantic Reasoning
  • Executive Functioning
  • Auditory Comprehension
  • Verbal Expression
Interactive Tools Integration

Fostering a stimulating remote learning environment, this resource offers various interactive features like:

  • Annotatable areas via Adobe Reader comment tool or platform tools.
  • Possibility of filling boxes & blanks, checking boxes.
  • A drop-down option that allows activity selection.
    Versatility in Usage Contexts_Impactful Learning Tool Supportive of Articulation Exercises & More!

    Incorporating Adventures: An Innovative Linguistic Development Methodology
    The NO PRINT Map My Language: 'Aquarium Virtual Trip' adjusts usual classroom instruction method by merging it with an exciting virtual aquarium adventure experience! Teachers are provided a unique way to introduce their students to lingual skills development via this highly beneficial tool WHILE keeping them captivated!.

What's Included

Example Activities Included in your 5 Pages:

Find Location

Time Estimation

Time Management

Location Activities for Attention to Screen

Suggestions for Divided Attention

Inferential Thinking

Sentence Formulation

Descriptive Vocabulary

Relational Vocabulary

Convergent Naming

Deductive Reasoning

Divergent Thinking

Decision Making

Problem Solving

Verbal Sequencing


Following Directions/Comprehension

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