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NO PRINT Summer Articulation G Edition

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About This Product

NO PRINT Summer Articulation G Edition is an immersive, easy-to-use teaching resource that targets summer-themed vocabulary and articulation skills in a lively and interactive manner. Designed especially for the /g/ phoneme, this digital PDF rules out printing; it's conveniently ready-for-use on your iPad or other devices. The perfect choice for both virtual classrooms and traditional ones, it saves teachers from excessive paper use, ink purchase, and preparation time.

A standout feature of this product is its multiple levels of linguistic complexity included within each exercise. Activities gently move from individual words to phrases to sentences to complete stories - all centered around the chosen /g/ sound words. You can progressively enhance your students’ understanding and application of these target words with ease.

This resourceful set includes:

  • A total of 24 unique pictures encompassing 8 initial word positions, 8 medial word positions, and 8 final word positions.
  • The stimuli are not only showcased as single-word cards but also phrase cards which act as stepping stones towards formulating sentences with universally loved starter phrases that rotate pleasingly for everybody involved.
  • If you thought we left out fun-filled stories – one per each position exploiting previously used words – allowing artistic implementation of the learned phoneme at varying stages then you're wrong!

An important aspect setting apart this tool from others in any educator's toolkit is its user-friendly interactivity. With simple 'home' menu pages zooming in between skills effortlessly along with 'next' tabs navigating you through every skill instance step by step - learners find their entire lesson enjoyable rather than cumbersome on any given area covered here.

Suitable across all grade levels because of its adjustable nature via teacher's discretion & application intent- you can effectively utilize this resource during mass lessons or small group interventions or even assign individual homework tasks!

Engagement gets a major boost with exciting reinforcer games incorporated into all exercise sections making education truly exhilarating!

Note: Please do make sure that any queries regarding product specifics are addressed before purchasing - here to assist you ensure smooth sailing teaching process!

In conclusion,

Versatile, interactive, and environmentally-friendly, the NO PRINT Summer Articulation G Edition is a valuable tool striving to make learning enticing through it's appealing activities and progressively complex stages. Whether you're a government school educator looking for innovative teaching materials or a homeschooling parent wanting cleverly curated content in your artillery of educative resources - this summer-themed articulation tool will unquestionably enrich your speech therapy academic exercises and lead to joyful laughter resonating either in class or on virtual platforms!

What's Included

Here's what is included in this extensive pack:

***The 24 pictures include 8 INITIAL, 8 MEDIAL, and 8 FINAL word positions!!***

24 picture stimuli for single words

24 picture stimuli for phrases

24 picture stimuli for rotating sentences

1 story per word position using previously targeted words

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