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NO PRINT Summer Language Pack for Distance Learning

NO PRINT Summer Language Pack for Distance Learning
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About This Product

NO PRINT Summer Language Pack for Distance Learning

The "NO PRINT Summer Language Pack for Distance Learning" is an educational tool designed to facilitate language development in your students. This pack offers interactive experiences with an array of receptive and expressive language concepts such as syntax, morphology, semantics, and more. Its use isn't exclusive to the virtual classroom; its no print, iPad-friendly features also make it excellent for in-person classrooms.

This resource encourages easy implementation in various pedagogical settings - from whole group instruction to targeted small group work or even assigned homework tasks ensuring that it becomes a versatile part of any educator's toolbox.

Designed with summertime learning in mind it actively engages little minds through fun activities such as a bonus game where students can participate in a virtual shell hunt!


The depth and breadth of linguistic concepts covered make this pack suitable for kindergartners all the way up to grade 5 pupils. The following elements are included:

  • 15 pages of illustrated analogies exercise.
  • 30 pages dedicated to teaching pronouns (subjective, objective, possessive).
  • A section on prepositions spanning 15 pages.
  • Compare and contrast exercises spread over 15 description-focused sheets.
  • Inference-based exercises covering 15 pages with visual aids.
  • Dedicated sections focusing on both regular (10) and irregular (5) plural forms for learning plurals during fun-filled lessons
  • . And finally,
  • Detailed exploration of verb agreement linked with subject reference spanning another set of valuable lessons across numerous sheets

Packaging & Usability:

This package comes wrapped as a PDF file making management stress-free while offering accessibility & storage convenience whether managing them on electronic devices like iPads or merely keeping hard copies around for when needed. An inspiring resource curated especially for educators catering to special resources subjects like Speech Therapy; whether homeschoolers or public school teachers aiming at creating lasting language impacts during the sunny season!

What's Included

This pack contains the following:

15 pages of Analogies with Pictured Choices

30 pages of Pronouns (Subjective, Objective, Possessive)

15 pages of Prepositions

15 pages of Descriptions (Compare & Contrast)

15 pages of Inferences with Pictured Choices

15 pages of Plurals (10 Regular, 5 Irregular)

15 pages of Verb Agreement with Subject Reference

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